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The Battle of Britain London Monument "Never in the field of human
conflict was so much owed
by so many to so few
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The Battle of Britain Historical Society

The Battle of Britain Historical Society was founded in early 1996 to establish a forum for like-minded enthusiasts to pursue their interest in this crucial period of our history. Members receive a monthly magazine 'Scramble'. A very large number of the surviving Battle of Britain aircrew hold honourary membership. The Society has recently sponsored the publishing of prints and books that cover aspects of the Battle.

The Society from the earliest days has had a 'Graves Registration' department, the purpose of which is to record the last resting place of all Battle of Britain aircrew regardless of whether they died during the war or since. It has been discovered that those graves that have no surviving family or relatives to tend them can quickly fall into a state of disrepair. Those with a Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstone are regularly inspected by that fine organisation but even they can benefit from occasional weeding and the placing of flowers.
Society members can volunteer to care for those graves in their own locality although in some cases considerable distances are travelled and by early 2004 97% of recorded graves were being cared for in this way. Many members feel that this is the most meaningful function of the society and is a tangible show of appreciation for the sacrifices of those to whom we owe so much.

About three years ago the Society launched an initiative to construct a monument in Central London to all the Allied aircrew that fought in the Battle. Research had revealed that the names of every single recipient of the Battle of Britain clasp (a campaign attachment to the 1939-45 Star) were known and it was an early requirement that these names should be on view on the monument. It was also felt that the men and women of the groundcrew, radar system, aircraft production, rescue services and indeed all other participants (practically the whole country) should be honoured too. The location means that millions of British citizens and foreign visitors will have the opportunity to easily visit the monument and reflect on the dramatic events that it commemorates.











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