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The Airmen's Stories - F/O P Ostaszewski-Ostoja


Piotr Ostaszewski-Ostoja was born on 19th May 1910. He arrived in England in late 1939 and was commissioned in the RAF in January 1940. After converting to Hurricanes at 5 OTU Aston Down, he joined 609 Squadron at Middle Wallop on 5th August 1940. He claimed two Ju87s probably destroyed on the 13th and a Me110 destroyed two days later.

On 25th August Ostaszewski-Ostoja returned to Warmwell in Spitfire R6986, badly damaged by cannon fire from a Me110 engaged over Swanage. With flaps damaged, he overshot the runway and crashed through the boundary hedge, slightly wounded in one arm.

He was awarded the KW (gazetted 1st February 1941).



Ostaszewski-Ostoja was posted away on 7th March 1941 to the Operations Room of 317 Squadron at Acklington. He continued on Operations Room duties until 16th September 1942, firstly at 303 Squadron and then at 302.

He was then posted to 308 Squadron at Heston for flying duties. Ostaszewski-Ostoja went to 306 Squadron at Catterick on 1st June 1943. He was posted to 12(P)AFU at Grantham on 17th August for conversion to Blenheims, after which he went to 51 OTU Cranfield for night-fighter training.

On 8th February 1944 Ostaszewski-Ostoja joined 85 Squadron at West Malling flying Mosquitos.

A number of squadron postings followed; to 125 Squadron on 30th April, to 501 Squadron on 15th August and to 307 Squadron on 25th September. Ostaszewski-Ostoja was awarded a Bar to the KW (gazetted 30th December 1944).

On 23rd April he was posted to HQ 12 Group as Ops Night, a Wing Commander post. After being attached to HQ 11 Group from 28th May 1945, Ostaszewski-Ostoja went to HQ 229 Group South-East Asia. He was serving with 78 Squadron from 12th December 1945 on transport duties.

He was awarded a second Bar to the KW (gazetted 5th January 1946).

He returned to the UK in July 1946 and then served with 301 Squadron on transport work from 26th October until its disbandment on 10th December 1946.

Ostaszewski-Ostoja was released at the end of the year as a Wing Commander. He settled in England and changed his surname to Raymond.

He was naturalized on 8th December 1949.

Ostaszewski-Ostoja died in London on 8th May 1965.

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