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The Airmen's Stories - Sub/Lt.(FAA) D Grant


Donald Grant joined 804 Squadron at Hatston on 11th June 1940 from Fleet Fighter Pool (760 Squadron).

At the start of the Battle of Britain 804 was flying Gladiators on dockyard defence. He received orders on 14th July 1940 to be at Abbotsinch on 20th July, with tropical kit. He embarked on HMS Argus, which sailed on the 23rd for Malta.

Grant and other pilots aboard were then in 418 Flight. The carrier arrived at Gibraltar and sailed into the Mediterranean on 31st July. It would appear that Grant did not fly a Hurricane in the group which flew off for Malta on 2nd August. He must have left the carrier at Gibraltar and then been flown to Malta in one of the Sunderlands which followed the Hurricanes to Malta.

On arrival Grant joined 830 (TSR) Squadron at Hal Far.

Grant and Tel/AG WE Thomson failed to return on 19th March 1941 after a raid on Tripoli. Their Swordfish landed near Zarzis, Tunisia. Both were interned by the Vichy French, being released in November 1942.

Grant was released from the Navy in 1946, as a Lieutenant.


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