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The Battle of Britain London Monument "Never in the field of human
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Allied aircrew in the Battle of Britain

2,937 British and Allied airmen were awarded the Battle of Britain
clasp for having flown at least one authorised sortie with an accredited
unit of RAF Fighter Command in the period 10th July to 31st October

The names of all the airmen are now available. Just click on country
name below to view by country. Alternatively use the search facility
(on the home page) to search by name.

Airmen came from the following countries:

Great Britain - 2,342
Australia - 32
Barbados - 1
Belgium - 28
Canada - 112
Czechoslovakia - 88
France - 13
Ireland - 10
Jamaica - 1
Newfoundland - 1
New Zealand - 127
Poland - 145
Rhodesia - 3
South Africa - 25
United States - 9

During the Battle 544 lost their lives and a further 795 were to die before the end of the war.

Information on each airman - where we have biographical data and/or photographs on an individual airman (and this is being researched and added all the time) the airman's name appears in blue text on the lists of names, click on the name to go to that airman's page.











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