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The Airmen's Stories - Sgt. J Truhlar


Jan Truhlar was serving in the Czech Air Force when the Germans took over his country in March 1939. He later escaped to France and joined l'Armee de l'Air. In June 1940 Truhlar was serving with Groupe de Chasse II/4. On the 5th he destroyed a Hs126 and on the 7th shared a D 17 with another pilot.


Above image courtesy of www.fcafa.


After the French collapse, Truhlar made his way to England. He joined 312 Squadron at Duxford on 5th September 1940.

On 9th July 1941, flying Hurricane IIb Z3023 escorting bombers to Lens on Circus 41, Truhlar was shot down by JG2 over St. Omer.

He was taken prisoner and held in Stalag 4C at Wistritz bei Teplitz, NW of Prague in Czechoslovakia.

After release from the RAF as a Warrant Officer Truhlar was repatriated to Czechoslovakia.

He died there on 25th October 1973.


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